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Great new reviews from the App Store

Posted by Rosie's Playtime on April 8th, 2012 at 5:32 pm

Here are some of the things that our users have been saying about Jackson:

Brilliant! Get it! - Love this app! My kids (10 & 5) can be a bit rubbish when cleaning their teeth, but they’ve both started asked for Jackson so they can clean them. Result! Even my 10yr old daughter asks to use him, and I’ve even used him too (with them, not just by myself that’d be a bit weird) Jackson is cute, the animation is lovely and all in all a great app to encourage kids to clean their teeth. We’ve never had such sparkling gnashers!

Just What Kids Need!! - This is great and targeted at the right age group who need all the help they can get to focus on the Job.As a qualified dentist I’ll be recommending this! Great price for a great app, because what price could you put on your children’s dental health??Well done RosiesPlaytime!!BD

Brush With Jackson - This is incredible. My children love it. Not only does he encourage great teeth cleaning, you can tickle the Rabbit’s tummy and enjoy him repeating what they say back to them. He plays musical instruments, (which can be a bit annoying but not a problem!), make him wink and get a reaction from touching his nose! We all enjoy our time with Jackson now and what could be an awkward time before is now a pleasure – for us all!

Great App! - My son is 8 and he loves this app! He treats Jackson more like a friend and loves to be able to brush his teeth with him. It’s certainly more interesting than watching the electric toothbrush timer!