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Brush with Jackson is an kid’s toothbrush timer app in which Jackson Rabbit brushes his teeth alongside you in the bathroom or at the kitchen sink. With supervision children use Jackson as a toothbrush timer for the recommended 2-3 minutes, twice a day and have fun whilst doing it. Using Jackson in this way means [...]

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Meet Jackson, his Mum and his Dad. Jackson and his family like to stay clean and healthy and love routines. Being the main character in a top tooth timer app is a great opportunity to do this. They will encourage your little ones to embrace bed time, keep their teeth healthy and clean and keep [...]

Meet Jackson

Hi! I’m Jackson and I love looking after myself. Cleaning my teeth while using a toothbrush timer like Brush With Jackson is one way I know I can keep them healthy. Another way is to always eat your vegetables and not too much sugary juice and sweets. I love vegetables! Carrots are my favourite. What’s [...]

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Jackson's Family

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Posted by Rosie's Playtime on June 12th, 2012

Here are some more great reviews that Brush With Jackson and Brush With Jackson HD have recently received in iTunes Stores around the world:

Fantastic app! - This app is lots of fun and the tunes have helped my little boy learn how long to brush his teeth for!”

A fun way to get your kids brushing - My kids have fallen in love with Jackson – they think it is hilarious to tickle him or get him to play music on his toothbrush. They also like to get him to talk to them, something I find good for some informal speech practice (it’s like a G-rated version of talking tom cat but with a more normal voice). I wasn’t sure how effective it would be as a toothbrushing aide, but when I first showed my kids Jackson brushing his teeth they were mesmerised by him. They will actually brush alongside him quite happily for much longer than they normally willingly brush. It would be nice if Jackson reminded them to brush the different areas of their mouth, and if you could see a visual timer too, so you know how long is left to brush, but even without these it is making my kids do a much better job at brushing without the usual battle – highly recommended”